Winne rof uefa nations league qualifies directly to euro 2020 finland vs. russia

Italics = play-offs via Nations League. S o, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland and England, who won the four groups in League A The qualifying structure will depend on results from the Nations League, although to a lesser degree than the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying play-offs.

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Find out the next Finland fixtures including date and kick-off time. Get details of the upcoming Finland fixtures and previous results.

09:00 AM. Prediction: 1-0. Ireland.

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Iceland. Bold = qualified through Euro 2020. Italics = play-offs via Nations League.

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Venue VTB Arena (Moskva) Summary. Top Markets.


Regarding Group B, the host cities will be Copenhagen and Saint-Petersburg, which means that Denmark and Russia could have a slight home-field advantage.